XIII Remake Download PC Full Game – Torrent

XIII Remake Download PC Full Game – Torrent

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A remake of the 2003 FPS under the same title, developed by PlayMagic studio and Microids. In the game XIII, we play the role of a hero suffering from amnesia, who was accused of the murder of the US president.

XIII is a remake of the FPS released in 2003 under the same title. The production was released by Microids, and the PlayMagic studio was responsible for its creation; The team includes developers who previously worked on such series as Halo, Call of Duty, Crysis, Condemned or Operation Flashpoint.

The plot of the game XIII was based on the motifs of the French comic book series by Jean Van Hamme. We meet the main character when he wakes up on a seaside beach. The protagonist, whose shoulder has the title Roman “thirteen” tattooed on, suffers from amnesia. The main task of the protagonist is to discover the truth about his identity. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that mercenaries and secret agents are quickly starting to tread on his heels, as he was identified as the sniper behind the murder of the president of the United States.

In the game XIII, the action is shown from the first person perspective (FPP). The production has been divided into thirty-four missions, the action of which takes place in places such as a bank, an FBI office building, roofs of skyscrapers or even a military base located among mountain peaks. During them, we carry out various tasks and eliminate opponents, making use of an extensive arsenal including firearms (such as pistols, rifles or rocket launchers) and white weapons (like throwing knives). There are also stages in which you should act quietly, sneaking behind the backs of enemies and killing them by surprise.

Technical issues
Like the original, XIII stands out from other games of this type due to the onomatopoeia accompanying some events; for example, over an enemy falling from a great height, the word “AAAA …” appears, and over the explosion – “BAOOMM”. The authors of the remake refreshed the audiovisual setting, and also modernized the gameplay mechanics, making efforts to meet modern standards, while maintaining the spirit of the original.



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