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Witch It is a multiplayer hide and seek game set in a vibrant, magical world. Brave hunters are looking for hidden witches to curse their villages!


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About this game

Witch It is a multiplayer hide and seek game. Hunters are tasked with looking for hidden witches that blend in with their surroundings – don’t trust furniture, shops or utensils!

A living, magical world awaits

Discover and hide in modest villages, exotic islands, and peculiar forests full of secrets and surprises for you to discover. Each map comes with different prop arrangements, making the matches unique and exciting every time you play!

Search as a fearless hunter

Hunters are tasked with looking for pesky witches hidden on the map. Mix and match a range of different tools and skills to help you spot, catch or slow down witches, and traverse the map effortlessly!

Hide as a mischievous witch

Witches can imitate any physical object in the landscape to deceive the hunters and survive. Found by a hunter? Don’t worry – use a spell to fly, confuse or distract them from their hideout while escaping!

Props, props, props

At first glance, this book on the shelf may look innocent, but remember: witches can dress up as any physical item. Great prizes await the most curious witches who can find and mimic all the props!

Earn rewards and express yourself

Personalize your characters with hundreds of stylish shirts and crazy brooms. Unlock great costumes by simply playing and leveling up, or try our crafting system to forge a specific item, ingredient or rarity!

A game mode for everyone

★ Hide and Seek: Standard Witch It gameplay. The witches must survive the time limit before the hunters catch them!
★ Mobification: faster gameplay. The eliminated witches join the hunting party!
★ Hunt a Hag: all skills and projectiles are disabled. A one-way game of tag!
★ Fill the Pool: Our 2v2 Competition. Witches have to fill cauldrons with specific props before time runs out or before they lose their lives!

Steam Workshop Support

Creative Mode allows you to create a map or prop layout with other players in real time using our powerful in-game map editor that requires no external software. Submit your map to let the world hide and hunt, or download countless player-made maps from the Steam Workshop!

Main features

★ Play as a hunter or witch in 15 official maps, or browse workshops to find player-made maps and props!
★ Choose from many unique skills to outsmart and trick your opponents!
★ Dynamic, physics-based prop movement to freely traverse maps and slide into your perfect hideout!
★ Unlock and craft hundreds of items for your character, each with a different rarity and caliber!
★ Level up your account to earn exclusive items and player icons!
★ Play on public servers with other experienced prop hunters or open your private server and play with a group of friends!
★ Collaborate on your own maps in Creative Mode and submit them for the community to download and play!

We look forward to hearing from you on our Steam forums and Discord!

Download Witch It PC Game
Witch It Free Download Full Version PC Game – Cracked [CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX]
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