Warborn Torrent – PC Game

Warborn Torrent – PC Game


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Stand up and fight in Variable Armor, advanced war armor. Since the political climate between the factions is unbalanced and the Solar System is in conflict, lead your lethal mech strike power to victory in tactical turn-based combat.

Choose from four commanders, each representing a different faction and bringing their unique power, features and style of play. Think tactically, shifting units, colliding with the rival mech and observing the result in dramatic battle sequences inspired by Japanese 90s animation.

Summon reinforcements from orbit by selecting from a series of mass-produced units with different combat roles. Gather strength to lead them into battle and to cause fear to enemies, using Second Generation Variable Armor, piloted solely by your commander.

Push forward and secure your supremacy on the battlefield with hexagonal tiles. Use different types of terrain to hide or weaken the enemy, and also capture structures to gain additional resources or deployment locations.

Ask for status effects, plant traps, support allies. Each type of Changeable Armor is equipped with its own specialized equipment and unique skills, thanks to which you can attack the enemy with various tactical options.

WARBORN takes place in the Auros system during war and political uncertainty. While conflicts break out between the factions, see the war going on in the eyes of four different commanders in a story-based campaign containing over 40 missions.


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