Waking Torrent – PC Game Download

Waking Torrent – PC Game Download


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You are sleeping in a closed dark coma. In the recesses of your mind, voices call you home, calling for lights and emptiness. But it’s not your time. Not yet. Waking is an extremely personal journey of self reflection and memory, combining the exploration and meditation of third parties in the real world. Walk the winding paths of the mind to wake up and make choices that shape a unique, individual experience. Along the way, face your fears and desires, recalling the memories of loved ones and fight those who want you to sleep forever. Functions A real meditation experience – Waking blurs the line between fantasy and reality, transporting you deeply into the mind both in and out of the game. Third-person exploration combines with guided meditation techniques to create a new kind of experience at the interface of reflection, emotion and memory. Extremely personal journey – fight the forces of entropy surrounded by those you love. Awakening asks you to draw on your own experiences, fears and desires and take them with you on a journey to wake up. Here in your dream your memories are your defenders, companions and weapons. A world of dreams and nightmares – Landscape of the Mind is a treacherous place, a changing, twisted maze of shattered thoughts and erroneous memories. Explore the procedural generated corridors of your mind and experience a world of dreams unmatched by others, rendered in stunning cinematic splendor. Fight for survival. The struggle for existence – imprisoned in a dying mind faces a choice: surrender to oblivion or fight for its existence. The unique Waking combat system provides a new type of challenge when you face your fears and recall aspects of the world in the fight against the dark. Use your memories and willpower to discover the secret of your dream and return to the waking world.

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