Those Who Remain Torrent – PC Game

Those Who Remain Torrent – PC Game


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When the lights go out, the heat of darkness burns in the sleepy town of Dormont.

Whispers of disappearance are heard throughout the city as the growing, restless and irrational fear begins to spread, and the darkness becomes an unwanted reflection for those who remain.

Some mistakes should never happen, not when your life is complete - and yet they happen. Edward had a good life, a beautiful wife and a perfect little girl, and yet he found himself a few whiskeys and drove through Dormont's night to end his secret affair - to fix his mistakes.

When Edward enters the Golden Oak Motel, he doesn't know how much that night will change his life ...
The horrors and darkness that bloom in the corner of every eye are torn apart ...

Those who remain put you in a close psychological horror set in the sleepy town of Dormont - a city in a spiral separation from reality, distorted by the darkness and deeds of the inhabitants.

Face the uncomfortable atrocities reflected by the darkness and experience Dormont's night when Edward faces a test of common sense, morality and the shadows of lurking evil.

Darkness has eyes
Travel the approaching darkness and manipulate light sources to clear paths through the secrets of the Dormont. To survive, you must stay in the light in any way.

Worlds Torn Apart
Explore two interconnected dimensions, moving between Dormont and strange alternate reality to solve thought-provoking puzzles and unlock secrets hidden in the dark.

Conscience of choice
Decide to condemn or save Dormont's lost souls and their damn secret by making difficult morale decisions that will determine Edward's fate through many different endings.

Savor mental health
Discover an exciting psychological thriller locked in a deeply human story that explores family, loss, errors and shows how real people can be persecuted not only by demons in the dark.

A unique atmospheric horror movie
Immerse yourself in a story-based adventure inspired by a classic, supernatural movie and TV series depicting a deeply atmospheric alternative to horror.

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