The Wizards – Dark Times Torrent – PC Game

The Wizards – Dark Times Torrent – PC Game


RePacked Game




VR Spellcasting Action Wizards have returned with a new gesture-based casting system, new environment interactions, new difficult enemies, and the always witty narrator Aurelius. Put on the VR headset and embark on a new dangerous journey through Melior’s plague. Become a wizard Your body is fragile, but your power is great. Discover and master 11 individually designed spells with clear skills and effects. Forget about button combinations, control secret forces with only your hand gestures – like a real wizard! A great liquid adventure The mysterious dark plague fell on Melior’s kingdom, turning its inhabitants into beings of hatred and madness. At stake are forbidden powers and dishonest wizards, so only you can face the apocalypse. Dare to travel through the deserted forest, wade through the poisonous marshes of Meliori, descend to the ruined Necropolis and more – without magic barriers that would stop you in place! Clear the kingdom Many fantastic creatures fell victim to the plague, becoming creatures of destruction and death. Challenge new, difficult enemies with unique skills and individual behavior. Expect strong resistance – the world is ending and it wants you dead too! Are you ready for the challenge

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The Wizards – Dark Times Torrent

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