The Last of Us 2 Torrent – PC Game [Emulator]

The Last of Us 2 Torrent – PC Game [Emulator]

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Version for PC! 100% working emulator

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The Last of Us Part II is the upcoming third-person survival horror game. [1] [2] Players can use firearms, improvised weapons and sneaking to defend against hostile people and cannibalistic creatures infected with the mutated strain of Cordyceps. Gameplay mechanics in Part II also expanded to its predecessor, The Last of Us. In it, the player’s character can traverse the environment, achieving higher observation points, jumping and climbing, playing more agile Ellie. [3] Players can also crawl while lying down to avoid enemies. [3] During the game, players will have a non-player character to help. [4] In addition, large parts of the game were set in Seattle, Washington. [4] The game also returns a “listening mode” that allows players to locate enemies thanks to increased sense of hearing and spatial awareness, marked as contours visible through walls and objects. [3] In addition, players can collect extras to improve skills in the skill tree. [3] The three main branches of the tree are Survival, Crafting and Stealth. [3] Survival enhancements improve health, listening mode range and casting distance. [3] Crafting improvements allow melee combat improvements, increase Ellie’s creation speed, and ability to produce smoke and stun bombs. [3] Sneak Improvements improve sensitive movement speed, faster steal kills, and unlock pistol silencers. [3] Part II also introduces guard dogs that can track the player’s smell.


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The Last of Us 2 Torrent

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