The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Torrent – PC Game

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Torrent – PC Game


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Book of Heroes, based on THE DARK EYE license, takes you to the fantastic world of Aventuria, where you can attack dungeons and experience adventures with friends or alone, which you can only defeat thanks to combined skills and forces.

• Play with up to 4 players in which you combine the specialties of different genres and professions to defeat enemies, puzzles and challenges with countless procedures.

• Choose from 12 different professions such as Assassin, Mercenary, Blessed Rondra, Knight or Black Magician and one of four playable species: elves, half-elves, dwarves and humans, and personalize your character's appearance.

• Enjoy the wide possibilities of character development and item creation, as well as typical, improved and legendary items to get during the game.

• Play with friends or alone with one of eight individual stories. Hire several companions at the Inn of the Black Boar for your adventures.

• Based on the popular license and THE DARK EYE (TDE) rules (5th edition), the game was developed in close cooperation with the copyright owner Ulisses Spiele. TDE is an RPG system that immerses groups of players in the fantastic world of Aventuria. TDE has a long tradition, and the first edition was released in 1984.


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The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Torrent

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