Team Sonic Racing Torrent – PC Game Download

Team Sonic Racing Torrent – PC Game Download


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Team Sonic Racing combines the best elements of arcade and fast competitive style races when you challenge your friends in intense multiplayer races. Race together and collaborate as a team, sharing improvements and accelerations. Take control of your racing style - choose from 3 different character types and unlock change options to customize your vehicle for your racing style.

Get ready. Accelerate. - Team Racing in Sonic Speed!

Key features:
Online Multiplayer and local collaboration modes - 12 players per race, split screen for 4 players and various offline / online race modes, including Grand Prix mode, exhibition mode, time trial and team adventure mode.
Team Racing - race as a team, win as a team. Use different team moves to help your teammates, knock out opponents and free the Ultimate team.
Skin performance and personalization - Change the look and feel of your vehicle
Wisps - 14 spectacular offensive and defensive items that will help defeat competing teams and gain an advantage!
Adventure mode - a unique story in which players learn the basic features and characters.
Different characters and types - 15 playable characters from around the Sonic Universe and 3 different character types, including speed, technique and power.

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Team Sonic Racing Torrent

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