Summer in Mara Torrent – PC Game Download

Summer in Mara Torrent – PC Game Download


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“Summer in Mara” is a summer adventure with agriculture, crafts and the exploration of mechanics embedded in the tropical archipelago. “Summer in Mara” is a single-player game in a calm, relaxing environment with a hand-made look and exciting narrative. You will be Koa, a little adventurer who wants to explore the world around her. In “Summer in Mara” you have to take care of your own island, collect crops, create new tools and buildings and swim a boat to discover new islands and secrets. KEY FEATURES – “Summer in Mara” is an agricultural adventure with an archipelago full of islands to discover. – Day and night cycle with climate events. – Over 100 tasks to make the world a better place. – Over 20 characters that you can meet and trade with. Make friends with them! – Improve your boat, enlarge it, improve it and speed it up. – Over 150 items for creating, using and trading. – Unlock new skills, discover treasures and meet all kinds of people who will help you trade, discover and find new secrets in Mara. You will have your own island, but doing such a thing is hard work. You will be able to plant trees to get wood, as well as create new tools and buildings from a variety of materials. Or you can create arable fields for growing all types of vegetables. You will also have a farm with chickens and pigs. But be careful because it is not as easy as it seems! You’ll also be able to fish in a pond or in the open sea, cut axes with trees, build a hammer and hoe to help you gather the island. Koa will need your help. With a set of basic skills, she can acquire new skills and learn from the world around her. We want you to feel as if you were growing up with Koa, connecting with her and all other people on the archipelago. You’ll be able to sail to new islands and find treasures and other secrets in the middle of the sea with the help of a trusted boat that you can improve with a little effort and time.

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Summer in Mara Torrent

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