Skyhill: Black Mist Torrent – PC Game

Skyhill: Black Mist Torrent – PC Game


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At SKYHILL: Black Fog, you wake up in a large interconnected building conglomerate, a large condominium built by Skyhill Inc. – a suspicious biotechnology corporation that literally controls the entire city. You, being one of his employees, got a flat and just moved in. Unexpectedly, everything went wrong: Your daughter was kidnapped, and the whole building was suddenly infested with dark monsters and crazy cultists who want to get you. You must save your family and survive at all costs in the face of danger chased by a mysterious black fog that turns people into vile creatures. Key features: Nonlinear exploration Cut your way in the semi-open world of Skyhill condominium, but also in infrastructure buildings such as school, shopping center, business salon, cinema, underground parking space and various technical locations. Survival at all costs A mysterious black fog has infected you and you are slowly dying. You need to constantly seek medicine to maintain, accumulate and manage resources, create new tools and weapons to survive as long as possible in this hostile environment. Replace the beasts that hunt you with everything you can find. Play your own way Choose your own approach to problem solving, use the environment to your advantage, lure enemies into traps, go through them, using covert or direct violence and brute force. You decide. And … if you die, you will also die in your own style. Mysterious threat Solve the dark secret of this world and discover the principles that govern it. Nothing is as it seems, try to distinguish reality from illusion and find out what is real and what is not.

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