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Siege of Irdor is a city building strategy game set in the dark times of the Middle Ages where fantasy and reality collide. Build by day and defend sieges by night to survive against the armies of darkness.

About this game

The Siege of Irdor is a city-builder strategy game set in the dark times of the Middle Ages, where fantasy and reality collide. Build by day and defend sieges by night to survive against the armies of darkness.


  • Build your fortress
  • Collect and produce resources
  • Manage your people and train your army
  • Survive the night sieges
  • Fight in real time with active pause
  • Learn the history of the shadows
  • Dealing with random events
  • Adapt to the weather and seasons
  • Progress and modernization of technology, weapons and buildings


Design, build and expand your kingdom from a small village to a huge stone castle.
Build houses, farms, factories, production buildings and other buildings needed for the development of your kingdom. Build walls, towers, gates, and structures to keep an eye on incoming enemies.
Collect resources from the environment using various building structures. Upgrade them to make buildings more efficient.
To introduce new decrees and conduct research to increase your chances of surviving the coming nightmare. Research can be used to upgrade units or create traps on the battlefield.
Send Your inhabitants collect resources (wood, stone, gold, food) that are necessary for the development of your kingdom.


Create and train your army. To build an experienced army you need recruits, resources and time. Equip them with the best weapons you can afford. Use swords, bows, crossbows, spades, armor and don’t forget about magic. Unlock better gear by researching new technologies.
Hold your army and settler morale high, your people happy, healthy and well fed. A good city layout, smart assignment and advance planning will help you a lot.
Plan forward as changing weather and seasons will require different solutions. In winter you will have trouble finding food, in rain and fog it will be difficult to see the enemy, and in summer you will have to face the problem of water shortage.
Send scouts on dangerous missions deep into the Shadow Realm to gain valuable intelligence and find ways to better repel attackers. Be careful though. If your people stay too long in these tainted, cursed lands, they can die!


In 1038 a gate appeared out of nowhere from which all kinds of nightmares began to crawl out. A huge number of determined and terrified warriors stood against the army of darkness. They fought and died in great numbers. Evil has been stopped but … never defeated. Now … they are back.

Discover who or what they are. Look for their weaknesses as each shadow has strengths and weaknesses. Find the best way to beat them.


Each game becomes unique thanks to random events. Many situations will require your attention. Both seemingly trivial and influencing the fate of the entire garrison. Treat them wisely as the consequences of some may take time to become apparent. By then, it may already be too late!


Siege of Irdor will take you to a beautiful land where the colorful and peaceful life of its happy inhabitants collides with dark, gloomy and terrifying shadows emanating from the portal.
Get ready to watch your people work, train, fight or just hang around. Create, explore and develop the beautiful lands of Irdor in low poly graphics. Almost all resources in the game (buildings, weapons, villagers, enemies, terrain) are created from scratch to please the eyes of their rulers.


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