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Second Front is an affordable WWII turn-based tactical game with over 40 infantry units and 200 tanks, vehicles, and guns. It has all the depth of a paper wargame and the ease of computer simulation. The campaign, scenarios and complete editor make it an endless tactical sandbox game.

About this game

Second Front is a tactical WWII game that genre enthusiasts have always wanted and never really received. Equipped with a full-fledged 3D engine and easy-to-use UI, the game is easy to play but hard to master. Why? Because Second Front is a project born of the passion and experience of developers with realistic and deep tactical board games.
Playing a tactical game that is deeper than your average X-Com clone, with a competent AI and a powerful editor for creating scenarios and campaigns, has been a tactical gamers dream for a long time.


The Second Front features many campaigns spanning the various fronts of World War II and German, American and Russian units.
The scenarios are played in a 60 turn-based battle cycle, from morning to night. Fight and rest or push your troops to the limit and push them to attack. These are not scripted battles, but continuous, emerging battles with persistent loss, fatigue, and experience.

Endless scenarios

Thanks to the full-fledged editor you will be able to create any battle you have in mind. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to run your imaginations, and the wide range of units means you have the entire American, German and Russian OOB at your disposal.

Extensive war arsenal

Over 200 different vehicles and different infantry units for each nation; plus dozens of small weapons for each faction. There are also different leaders in each country. The Second Front’s arsenal includes well-known units such as the Panzer 4, Sherman, and Stugi, as well as more exotic ones such as the Jagdtiger, Kettenkrad, and T35. Each unit is meticulously recreated with skills such as smoke dispensers and hatch dependent weapons.
And remember that you can and must rotate turrets. Realistic tank combat!

Deep tactical gameplay

Don’t be fooled by the nice appearance of Second Front, this is not a walk in the park! The gameplay uses hexagons and different phases to capture every second of action on the battlefield in detail, in a way very similar to the well-known tactical board games.
Includes 22 different terrain types with 80 types of multi-level buildings and over 70 different unique decorations. Buildings consist of many parts, all of them are destructible and made of unique models.

Easy to use and comprehensive interface

“Deep” does not mean complicated. Second Front takes full advantage of the digital medium, providing an iconic interface rich in prompts and easy to understand. The game is full of decisions and the designers focused on making them all transparent and immediately visible.

Competent artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence on the Second Front is not scripted; instead, it uses plans and emerging behaviors to find a way through your defenses or organize its own lines to withstand your attacks. Finally, a worthy opponent in the tactical World War II game!

Future plans

Second Front is a project that is created with passion. While development to the base game is ongoing and feature rich, continuous updates are already planned. Desert and jungle, paratroopers, close air support are just some of the new features that will be released after the base game launches.


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