Satisfactory Torrent – PC Game Download

Satisfactory Torrent – PC Game Download


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Satisficient is a simulation game created by Coffee Stain Studios. This is a three-dimensional exploration and factory building game in the first person. As an engineer, the player is dropped to an alien planet with a handful of tools and must gather the planet's natural resources to build increasingly complex factories to automate all needs. The original goal is to build Space Elevator and start providing the company for which the player works (Ficsit), an increasing number of complex elements for their unknown purposes.

The aspect of building the factory in Satisficient has been described as the first-person version of Factorio. [1] Unlike some other open world games such as Factorio, the Satisfiable world is pre-generated, i.e. not procedural-generated. The world has 30 km2.

The player takes on the role of an engineer who crashed ashore through a rescue capsule on the planet; the player has a choice of four initial locations: Meadows, Rocky Desert, Dune Desert or Northern Forest; this affects the availability of resources that the player can collect. After landing, the player begins by building a hub from a part of the rescue capsule, the main location from which most other structures that he builds extend. From there, the player develops the hub from level to level, providing specific components, most of which need to be done by gathering local resources such as ores and plant materials, using hand tools, using craft equipment to create new tools or equipment, and using that equipment to make new components. After providing all necessary components to the Hub, it is expanded to the next level, giving the player more construction options and new goals.

Initially, most of this construction will be done manually, while the player will move to the resources to directly collect them, and then to the station to make equipment. However, as the player unblocks new equipment, many of these processes can be automated by introducing power systems, including nuclear power plants, and automated automation of resource collection and transport, e.g., belt conveyors.


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