Sakura Succubus 2 Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Sakura Succubus 2 Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Sakura Succubus 2


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Sakura Succubus 2.Full.PC.Game.Torrent

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Sakura Succubus 2 is a direct continuation of Sakura Succubus. Hiroki begins at the place where the last story ended, and two new succubuses want to join the harem: an elegant actress and a cheerful tennis player.

About this game

Ogasawara Hiroki is a completely average person … at least he was. Soon it changed when meeting one of the most famous Japanese idols turns his life upside down.

Hiroki soon discovers, after a series of increasingly unbelievable events, that some of the most famous Japanese celebrities are succubuses – and their scent makes them irresistible!

Now three beautiful women are fighting for his attention: two-faced idol Ayu, mature businesswoman Marina and stupid social media star, Kosmos.

Hiroki has difficulty reconciling his demanding photographic work with three potential girls, but things get even harder. Sophisticated actress Hifumi now has an eye on Hiroki, as does cheerful sportswoman Hazel.

Harem Hiroki is to gain even more members …

But does he have enough time and energy to give these women what they want?

Ayu is a famous idol known throughout Japan. He is famous for his good looks and charming stage personality, but that’s all from the front. Without the knowledge of loyal fans, Ayu is a terribly impetuous brat who loves money above all.

He is not a particularly nice person, but he knows how to turn the charm on when he wants something – but unfortunately! Hiroki knows too much about his tricky ways to be fooled.

Marina is a wealthy businesswoman who has her own business. He is only thirty-one years old, but he is extremely successful and enjoys admiration and respect from the upper classes.

He has some sadistic passion and likes to tease Hiroki, but (unlike Ayu) he knows when to draw a border, and he will never intentionally hurt anyone she cares about.

Space is a social media star that is very present on RapidPound. He has over three million followers and devotes himself entirely to them: he always photographs himself dressed in charming, somewhat suggestive clothes.

Although Cosmos has many fans, it doesn’t have many friends. Cosmos, tormented by other succubus for its slow, cosmic nature, has difficulty assessing how it will interact with others. No matter what he does or says, it never works quite well.

For a “social” star, he thinks being “social” is extremely difficult!

Hifumi is an actress who has been a staple element of the Japanese film industry since she was eighteen. Now the veteran, who has been on the silver screen for many years, is called home and has crowds of fans from around the world.

Hifumi is a sophisticated, elegant woman who loves everything that is the quintessence of the Japanese. The definition of ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’, Hifumi, is diligent, caring and extremely good in cooking …

But for some reason Ayu and Kosmos don’t seem to trust her. Maybe there is more to her sweet smile than she lets?

Hazel is a rising tennis star, born to a Japanese mother and American father. The cheerful and energetic Hazel girl comes to life with no less than 110% and is almost always seen with a blinding smile.

Although she is relatively young, she needs a rousing audience during each match and has a large fan base. She’s so alive that you really can’t hate her!

However, there are some interesting gossip on the Internet that attracts Hiroki’s attention. Hazel hides much more than her wide smile suggests!
Developers describe the following content:

This game contains scenes that can be considered NSFW.




    • OS:Β Windows XP+
    • Processor:Β 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Memory:Β 400 MB RAM
    • Storage: 3270 MB available space


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