Rogue Legacy 2 Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Rogue Legacy 2 Download PC Full Game – Torrent

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Rogue Legacy 2 is what you can get combining Rogue Legacy and sequel together. Every time you die, your children will succeed, and each child is unique. Your daughter may be a blind archer, and your son may be a pacifist chef. Either way, one of them is embodied.

About this game

Rogue Legacy is back! But now he has 2 in front of him!

Rogue Legacy 2 is a genealogical rogue-LITE. This means that it has all the pitfalls typical of rogues (random runs, character changes and more), but with continuous improvements and permanent dead heirs. In this game, your heritage defines you. Take advantage of your parents’ heritage and expand your family estate to give your children a better chance to fight. Each child is unique, has its own characteristics and abilities. Your daughter may be an archer. It can also be vegan. Rogue Legacy 2 also lets you play the way you want. Go hard and fast and you’ll be able to plunge deeper into a randomly generated world. You can also do it slowly and evenly and build your character until you are ready for bigger challenges.

You didn’t play first? In this case, here is (original) Rogue Legacy EVERYTHING ABOUT:

An adventure that takes place in a randomly generated world. The whole kingdom changes with every life, so there are no two identical runs.
Rogue-LITE. This is not your usual roguelike, because even after death, not everything is lost. Instead, you can build your own courtyard, improve your heritage with an in-depth skill tree, and make every child stronger than the last. The game can be beat at level 1, but that doesn’t mean it has to.
Each heir is unique. Some may have a synthesis in which sounds may be perceived as colors, others may be opposed to pacifists, and some may be a little chubby.
Equip your heroes with powerful weapons and armor. Or get new skills such as flight, jump and air jumping.

Good and elegant, but what about continuation? Here is the new feature of Rogue Legacy TWO:
New style
In Rogue Legacy 2. we use a completely new artistic approach. Continuation uses the 2.5D style with 3D characters on a hand-drawn background. Art uses intense shading, and all animations are made using stepper techniques to preserve the familiar look and style of RL.
Unique weapons
In addition to new class skills, they now have weapons that completely change the way they play. Guards use bows, lancers have multidirectional swings, and chefs vat.
Biomass generation has been renewed
We went with biom generation so that every area in RL2 seems completely new. Each biom uses different “building strategies” to create completely unique, but still randomly generated regions.

True Metroidvania
To really develop the talent of metroidvanii, RL2 introduces souvenirs: special items that permanently give heroes new skills that fully reveal the secrets of the world. These are not basic keying skills but powers that fundamentally change the way you play. And souvenirs are not simply handed to you. You must prove your worth, provided you can find it.
Features 2.0
Thanks to the power of socialism, we are introducing the Universal Healthcare System, which adds a gold strengthening modifier to some functions. The more debilitating the function (in the game), the greater the reward. This makes choosing an heir an important decision every time.
Improved availability
RL1 has always been designed with accessibility in mind, offering both hardcore players through agile gameplay and more casual play with a detailed level up system. However, in some cases, progress can still hit the wall, which is why we have introduced new mechanisms, such as coastal banking, to give struggling players a greater chance of success.
More everything
Of course, we are also adding more everything that the original Rogue loved. Heritage. More functions, more spells, more classes, more biomes, more enemies, more equipment, more rooms, more history. Just everything more.
More clowns.

AND EVEN MORE. But we’re still working on them through Early Access and we’d like to keep some secrets in our back pocket. ๐Ÿ™‚

Early access may be temporary, but Rogue Legacy will last forever!




    • OS:ย Windows 7
    • Processor:ย 3.0 Ghz
    • Memory:ย 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ย Nvidia GTX 680, AMD R9 280X
    • DirectX:ย Version 9.0c
    • Storage:ย 5 GB available space


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