Prison Architect: Island Bound Torrent – PC Game

Prison Architect: Island Bound Torrent – PC Game


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Welcome to The Rock, Wardens!

Prison Architect: Island Bound introduces more ways to build and manage the prison with helicopters, ships and plenty of water.

Key features
Sea and air
Improve your prison logistics with various ferry and helicopter transport options that deliver supplies and prisoners directly to the dock around your complex. However, there are more access points to theft of contraband to prison.
Chain up
Maximize your prison performance by connecting docks, helipads and roads with special supplies. You can even change which services are available for each delivery point in your complex.
Supermax security
New security features make it easier to search supplies and prisoners when they enter prison or at key security checkpoints. When things get out of control, you can call additional emergency services, including airfighters, elite operator teams and aviators.
Island life
Customize your island or combined island plot with over fifteen sea tiles and items. Shape the area around you with moats, rivers and lakes for safety or style - you don't need access roads!
Manage the most famous prison in the world with two ready maps: Alcatraz Prison and Alcatraz Island.


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Prison Architect: Island Bound Torrent

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