Ostranauts Torrent – PC Game

Ostranauts Torrent – PC Game


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Ostranauts is a detailed simulation of ownership and life on a spacecraft in the solar system, in which honest life is a slow death sentence. Located in the universe, NEO Scavenger, where the Earth collapsed catastrophically, the rest of the System lives in a state of capitalist dystopia. Players will create their captain, build or customize their starter ship based on loot from career history and find ways to keep their motley crew in line, fuel in tanks, food on plates and remote debt collectors. Detailed design of a custom ship Players can build their ship in any shape with functioning modular parts. Parts have physical properties, interact with each other, and can wear out over time. I need a crew Crew members have physiological and emotional needs, from basic needs such as food, water, oxygen and temperature to more esoteric needs such as privacy, security, intimacy and respect. Systems management Ostranauts is a detailed simulation with many interdependent systems. Players will have to manage inventory, emotions, energy networks, finances, security, social relationships and more to keep their company alive, literally and figuratively. AI crew


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Ostranauts Torrent

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