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Neverdark is an RTS game with a pause feature that takes you into a post-apocalyptic world. After the global blackout, society has collapsed and your goal will be to rebuild it.

About this game

On December 24, 2030, there was a global blackout. In an instant, the world lost access to electricity, and suddenly so many things we took for granted disappeared; Internet, global communication, electronic devices … everything is gone.
War broke out with the fall of governments and the collapse of society. Weapons, medicines and food became the new currencies, while survival and protection became the only necessities. Conflicts continued for years as ordinary people fought against hunger, disease, the elements, and other people.
From the ashes of the old, a new world has arisen. Each enclave of survivors had a different idea for shaping their new society: bandit gangs, religious cults, motorcycle gangs, idealistic democratic communes, and organizations built around charismatic leaders. Cities became battlegrounds again, but it was no longer about survival, now it was about domination.

Neverdark is an RTS game with a pause feature that takes you into a post-apocalyptic world. After the global blackout, society has collapsed and your goal will be to rebuild it.
You lead a group of survivors and you will have to fight other factions for control of the city. Invest resources and expand your influence to take over the city street by street. Neverdark is about politics and social evolution, as well as combat.

In Neverdark, you play in a fallen and ruined city. It desperately needs to be rebuilt and it will be your job to adapt it to the harsh environment with makeshift infrastructure. Each map takes the shape of a real, existing city: Paris, New York, and Tokyo. You will lead your citizens and advance in familiar streets, taking over existing buildings and changing their destiny. You might want to use the Louvre as your Black Market home, or it might be a good idea to grow your crops on rooftop farms in Brooklyn. The location of the building must be strategic and thoughtful. Where they are placed and the consequences of this choice are entirely in your hands.

A new type of society emerged – without a central government. Your goal is to react to dynamic, random events that force you to make a decision between doing what is ethically right and what is politically beneficial. If civilization is to evolve and adapt to ever-changing conditions, new laws must be enacted and edicts enforced.

Either way, you have to deal with other groups vying for control of the city. Both you and your enemies have powerful and influential agents at your disposal. You will need to send these agents, called specialists in the game, through the city to perform political and military tasks. A political agitator in a neighborhood where two factions are fighting for supremacy can help get your citizens to support you. But if that fails and it turns out that the enemy got there first, a good long-range “motivator” with a rifle can be just as effective. Inevitably, the streets must turn crimson from bloodshed, and it will be your responsibility to guide your crew of specialists on tactical, turn-based combat missions.


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Neverdark Free Download Full Version PC Game – Cracked [CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX]
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