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Become a medic – a real war hero. Survive the horror of the Pacific Front, where bombs fall from the sky and rifle shells cut through the air. You are the last hope of your wounded comrades. Your decisions will change the course of the battle, but not all of them will be easy to make!

About this game

They needed their heroes … And it’s time to act as one!

in Medic: War in the Pacific You play as an American Field Paramedic serving in the US Army on the Pacific Front. Your task will be to look after your injured companions in the best possible way – according to your knowledge, skills and medical equipment.

Difficult choices are not uncommon …

Often your decisions will have an impact on the course of the battle, and even the entire war!
Your actions will affect not only the fate of the soldiers you are helping, but also the entire operation. You will receive orders from superiors, soldiers of higher rank and seniority than you, but also requests from comrades. Remember – every life matters, but you can’t save them all. Decide carefully, but act fast! And watch out – it’s war, there’s no time for doubt here!

Only a true hero values ​​the lives of others above his own.
Do you have the courage to become one?

The battlefield is changing every moment. You will have to adapt quickly to these changes, act under time pressure and a pervasive threat. Avoid enemies, try not to hurt, help those who need it, but also learn to assess the chances of survival – your own and your wounded comrade. Experience this hell and help others do the same.

Moral dilemmas, difficult choices, bombs exploding all around, bullets flying from everywhere, screams of wounded soldiers, blood gushing from wounds, chaos, the smell of burning, despair and longing for peace … In a word: a real picture from war in the pacific.

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Download Medic: Pacific War PC Game
Medic: Pacific War Free Download Full Version PC Game – Cracked [CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX]
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