Marvel’s Avengers Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Marvel’s Avengers Download PC Full Game – Torrent


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Gather a team of the most powerful heroes of Earth, use your powers and make your superhero dreams come true.

About this game

Gather a team of the most powerful heroes of Earth, use your powers and make your superhero dreams come true.

Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person action game, combining the original story of the film with single-player mode and cooperation *. Gather a team of up to four players online, master amazing skills, customize the growing list of Heroes and Earth’s weapons against increasing threats.

Marvel’s Avengers begins on A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor present the new, high-tech Avengers headquarters in San Francisco. Celebration becomes deadly dangerous when a mysterious enemy causes a catastrophic accident that causes huge damage. Guilty people for the Avengers tragedy are withdrawn. Five years later, when all superheroes were outlawed and the world is in danger, the adventure begins when a determined young woman named Kamala Khan decides to gather and rebuild the Avengers to stop the uncontrolled power of a secret new force known as AIM.

Marvel’s Avengers continues the epic journey with new Heroes and a regularly supplied new story to get the final Avengers experience.

Complete the single player campaign to rebuild the Heroes list and restore their powers; then continue fighting in AIM solo or online with friends.
Unlock the powerful skills and new equipment of each of the most powerful heroes on Earth to adapt to your playing style.
Customize these iconic Heroes to your favorite favorite classic fans and new original outfits inspired by Marvel’s 80-year history.
Flexible combat system, dynamic difficulty scaling, as well as configurable equipment and skills to support unique game styles for each Hero.

Using the recovered helicopter as the basis of the operation, players start hero missions (single player) and brewed missions (single player or in cooperative mode) in hotspots around the world.
Up to four players gather online to defend Earth against escalating threats that only Avengers can defeat.
The narrative will develop for many years, and each new superhero and region will be delivered at no additional cost.

* One-time online access to single-player campaigns is required; Online access to a multiplayer game and downloading content after launch is required. A free Square Enix member account is required. Beta release date, platform and region availability will be announced.




    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Additional Notes: To be announced soon.


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