Main Assembly Torrent – PC Game

Main Assembly Torrent – PC Game


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If you can imagine it at the General Assembly, you can create it! You are an engineer to build, destroy, destroy and enjoy! Create an unlimited number of robots, cars, planes or giant animatronics – EVERYTHING! After building them? It’s time to pilot them through many areas of the sandbox or push them to a critical point in challenge mode. CREATE With the powerful and unlimited building tool at your fingertips, you can go from beginner to builder to amazing architect. Each plate, chassis and frame can be completely customized! Tinker alone or invite friends to the next big project. Build something amazing? Share it in the Steam workshop! COMPETE Like everything at the General Assembly, if you can imagine it, you can create it – including multiplayer fun! Whether you want to race, race or push brilliant creations in the face, the choice is yours! You can play your own way in the sandbox areas. Remember, friends who play together, stay together! CHALLENGE Test your inventions by taking part in challenges! As your difficulties increase, push your creations to the limit, testing their speed, survival and coping with a series of challenges. You can not do it. Do not go to the end, rework your robot, build a new one or download a creative from the workshop! ADJUST In a game where everything is possible – don’t be basic. Every aspect of the robot can be customized from size, shape to color. Do you think he has no final touch? Look at this little googley eye! Robotic-chic doesn’t stop there. Moving around the world of the General Assembly, you play the role of a spherical miracle AKA drone with a set of cosmetics!


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