Liberated Torrent – PC Game

Liberated Torrent – PC Game


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Join the revolution in this comic shooter. Let hand-drawn art and action merge into cyberpunk noir. Fight the system, sneak, solve puzzles and dispense picturesque headshots. For great justice. Crown “It looks like the graphic novel comes alive” – ​​Game Informer “There’s really something magical here” – PC Invasion “History has echoes of Watchmen” – PC Gamer “Combines comic style noir with gameplay inside” – Polygon “Feels like an episode of the Black Mirror” – The Sartorial Geek Award-winning, visionary new model of digital comics Liberated is an action adventure game that takes place on the pages of the comic. Seamlessly combining the art of hand-drawn graphic novels with interactivity and side-scrolling, this is a revolutionary combination of video games and comics. Freedom is a matter of perspective In this near future dystopia, the extremely familiar, always online society gives way to total government control – all in the name of security. But in the midst of all this, there is a group of insurgents known as “Liberated.” What is starting up? Page scrolling An intense adventure full of shootings, sneaking, puzzles and platformers. Cyberpunk The near future Social networks, face recognition, fake messages, citizen credit systems. A familiar world in which technology enables control over people.


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Liberated Torrent

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