Hitman 3 Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Hitman 3 Download PC Full Game – Torrent


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Hitman 3 is a stealth action game by IO Software. While playing, we lead a paid murderer known as Agent 47 and carry out orders in which the elimination of targets can be achieved in many different ways.

Hitman 3 is a stealth game based on eliminating specific targets as a well-trained paid killer, giving us a lot of freedom in performing tasks. It was developed by IO Interactive studio, i.e. the team responsible for all previous installments of the series. In addition to offering completely new content, as part of the service called World of Assasination, the game allows you to import maps from the previous two parts (if we have them) and the progress made in Hitman 2. Story Traditionally, we play the role of Agent 47, a paid killer with a characteristic tattooed barcode on the back of the head. In terms of story, the production was developed as the culmination of the trilogy initiated in the 2016 game Hitman, the threads of which continued two years later in Hitman 2. Buy the cheapest Hitman 3 (PC) PC PS4 XONE XSX PS5 235.67 PLN3kropki.pl 253.90 PLNmuve.pl View More In Hitman 3, Agent 47 and his collaborator Diana Burnwood must join forces with the killer’s old friend, Lucas Gray, to settle accounts with the group known as Providence once and for all. This is related to the necessity of the Agent to perform numerous contracts, the most difficult and the most important in his career, scattered all over the world (we will visit Dubai or Chinese Chongqing). The production narrative is much more mature and darker than in the previous installments, similar to Hitman: Absolution. Gameplay Hitman 3 is a development of ideas from previous games. Each mission takes the form of a sandbox level, densely filled with various objects and characters – sometimes we will see up to 300 NPCs on the screen. NPCs have an extensive artificial intelligence system, which significantly increases the realism of their reactions to the player and makes them more attractive to blend in with the crowd. We can move around the available terrain in various ways, because the game includes a simple course system that allows you to climb to hard-to-reach places. In Hitman 3, Agent 47 can use a completely new gadget: a handheld camera. It is useful for completing some mission objectives (e.g. photographing evidence), but it can also be used to remotely hack shutters and other elements of the environment. Another novelty is the system of shortcuts similar to the games from the Souls series – after unlocking a shortcut (e.g. lowering the ladder leading to the roof) it will be available during all subsequent attempts to the same mission. Our task is to eliminate the indicated goals, but how we do it depends only on us – the title offers a lot of freedom in this matter. The stealth approach in particular is rewarded, but it is possible to achieve success through open confrontation. Engaging in combat and casualties among bystanders, however, lower the final scores per level. Apart from the main objective, there are also often optional side quests. While playing, the player has access to a wide arsenal of various weapons (garrots, pistols, rifles, melee weapons), but can also use ordinary items found on maps to kill. Most locations allow you to create ingenious traps that make the target’s death seem like an accident. Agent 47 can also change clothes, which makes it difficult for guards to detect him or allows him to get to a special section of the map. Locations In January 2021, the locations of Hitman 3 were revealed. These are: Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Dartmoor in the UK, Berlin in Germany, the Chinese city of Chongqing, the Mendoza region in Argentina and the Romanian part of the Carpathians. Technical issues For the purposes of Hitman 3, the developers introduced several improvements to the engine. Added, among others support for the SSR technique, consisting in a realistic representation of the reflections of the environment on objects in the game. These improvements were also implemented in the stages from the first and second part. Game mode: single player



    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 | AMD FX-4350
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570, 1 GB | AMD Radeon HD 7850, 2 GB
    • DirectX: Version 11


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