Hardspace: Shipbreaker Torrent – PC Game Download

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Torrent – PC Game Download



RePacked Game




Welcome to LYNX, the leading ship rescue corporation in Galaxy!

During your career you will have the privilege of paying debts to us by buying the right to rescue larger and more valuable vessels. Cut them out and get the greatest value!

You are equipped with the latest LYNX technology. Cut out entry points, save valuable materials and components with a cutting tool, or cut metal scrap at any angle into a million pieces when you think of lonely life ... the possibilities are endless! Be careful - death is extremely unprofitable.

We strongly recommend upgrading your tools, helmet and overalls to take on more lucrative contracts - all you have to worry about is how you pay!

As of today, your debt is:
999.999.999 credits
Good luck at work, prick!

Experience everyday life as a spaceship lifeguard
Cut and destroy freely in the new generation of physics simulations
Improve your tools and unlock new perks to make more difficult contracts

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a game at an early stage of access. Don't hesitate to join our official Discord server and share your opinion with the development team so that we can improve Hardspace: Shipbreaker together.

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Hardspace: Shipbreaker Torrent

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