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Programmer’s career simulator. Get real coding skills as you play! Learn programming from scratch, earn skill points, change offices, create devices and games using visual programming. Our code learning game is a great introduction to Python, C ++, C #, Java or JavaScript.

About this game

Dreamjob: Programmer is a very fun and easy way to get started with programming. With hundreds of missions, each carefully tailored to your coding skill level, you’ll take on the role of a true developer! You’ll soon learn how to create and earn enough assets to buy a home, an exclusive yacht, or even a private island! Each place can be decorated with items that you buy in the sim-shop, and many of them can be enchanted with your code, making them extremely interactive. As your programming skills keep getting better, you can change your life – earn more money, complete more difficult tasks and become a true IT specialist!
In short – if you are looking for a good game to learn coding, Dreamjob: The Programmer Is The Perfect Combination!

Learn programming from scratch!

Begin your adventure with the simplest programming approach ever created: the Visual Scripting Editor. Place and connect the correct blocks to create programs. Concepts You Learn Here will help you learn real programming in languages ​​like Python, C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript and more! Our coding game will be smooth and fun to play while learning.

Earn XP and learn new skills!

Starting with the legendary “Hello World” program, you will solve more and more complex tasks and gain new skills that will allow you to understand real programming concepts, such as:

  • Mathematical and logical operations
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Tables and dictionaries
  • …and much much more!

Upgrade your equipment

Earn a lot of money by solving more and more prestigious jobs. Upgrade your PC, monitor, mouse, seat, desk, and the whole place where you live! All this to play and learn even more effectively.

Program everything!

Drink hot coffee at 8am every day, program the toaster to serve you fresh toast at 10am, and turn the lights red when someone approaches your house! In Dreamjob: Programmer you can change the world around you.

Get working Python source code!

In addition to solving problems using the visual editor, you will have the opportunity to try the Python source code alone. And this is how to launch a rocket into space. How great is that? Our programming learning game has two endpoints: will teach you programming and keep you entertained!

Why Give Dreamjob: Programmer a Chance?

In today’s world, the work of a programmer is associated with prestige, performing interesting tasks and good money. No wonder so many people want to learn to code. After deciding to try, they often ask themselves – where to start? Buy an expensive course? Enroll in college? Well, there’s a much cheaper and easier way. Dreamjob: A programmer will let you understand the programming world. Our coding learning game will help you understand how it works – from simple, basic concepts to complex, rewarding tasks.

Dreamjob: Programmer is a programmer career / code learning simulation. Inspired by The Sims, Monument Valley and Minecraft.


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Download Dreamjob: Programmer PC Game
Dreamjob: Programmer Free Download Full Version PC Game – Cracked [CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX]
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