Deck of Ashes Torrent – PC Game

Deck of Ashes Torrent – PC Game


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“The exiles brought Curse upon us all, and only they can raise it.” – Ash Master.

Deck of Ashes is an adventure game with tactical card fighting. One character at a time, lead the cast of antiheroes in search of redemption. Explore the cursed fantasy world and hunt for powerful cards. Test your survival and resource management skills while upgrading your Camp allies.

The choices that guide your journey – where to go, what resources to collect, what risks to take, and what card to create – is the difference between success and premature fall.
Can you get rid of the world of ash curse?

Creative deck building – collect battle cards that match your unique play style and crush the enemy!
A unique, hand-drawn amazing art style.
A dynamic, dark fantasy world – travel through the procedural generated changing world in search of cards, supplies and glory!
Different biomes that contain different classes of monsters – each biom has an impact on the game and offers a unique set of opponents!
Resource survival and management – you have limited options to restore health or used cards, so use them wisely!
Camp – strategically improve your base depending on the style of play.
Permadeath – if you don’t use the help of black magic, then when you die, you’ll die for good.

Deck building. Taken to the right
We provide the best deck-building tools we could develop. If you are a beginner – we assure you because there are sets of cards that of course work well together. And if you’re ready to go crazy with your own deck idea, there are over 100 cards for each character to explore and combine. NOTE: lots of unexpected combinations!

A dynamic and dangerous world
Deck of Ashes is a procedural world in which danger is waiting around every corner. Sudden ambushes, natural disasters and random events will force you to constantly adapt and explore fleeting opportunities to gain an advantage! Improve your travel strategy to ensure your survival!

Improve the camp to meet your needs
Different strategies require significantly different improvements to your camp. Resources are limited and you won’t be able to upgrade everything in one go, so make a wise choice!

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Deck of Ashes Torrent

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