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This is a cyberpunk crime game that will allow you to visit the city and discover its secrets. You will play the role of a private detective, one of the endangered species who is constantly looking for truth, justice and money. Mostly money.

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Play as a private investigator, one of the endangered species who is still looking for truth, justice and money.

  • Explore the cyberpunk city and wander its streets
  • Make improvements to your body
  • Select and accept the commissions
  • Receive the money
  • Solve puzzles and crimes
  • Fight and survive the shootouts
  • Bump into the mafia and get out alive
  • Try to stop the crimes
  • Admire the realistic graphics
  • Have a romantic relationship … or not
  • Drink and walk and stare at the rainy sky. But don’t forget to watch your back!

Enter a cyberpunk city teeming with technology. Walk the alleys that are barely lit by neon lights. Solve mysteries that shadow the innocent and collect your transfer upon completion of the quest. You say it’s dirty money? I say it doesn’t matter in this city of sin.
Feel the climate of noir and immerse yourself in this world of beauty and bestiality.

The rain drummed on the roof. Your pathetic dwelling is full of the tartness of decay and misery. You can try to get dressed, but you’ll only find one semi-white shirt, a pair of not very new shoes, and a frayed tie. Nevertheless, a visual inspection of the room can reveal many intriguing details, such as an empty glass lying on a table adjacent to the window. It still smells like whiskey and if you pick it up a circular stain will remain on the wood.
Always try to move items around and search ferrets – clues can be hidden right under your nose!

Markets, dodgy shops and dark nooks and crannies that smell of sewage. It is all teeming with drug dealers, prostitutes, cyber gangs and young hackers. Walk past them or interact with them while traversing the city. Either way, all roads lead back to the familiar eye-catching neon. It’s always nice to spend some time in the pub, drinking to the point where you don’t remember this wicked city anymore.
While walking, do not forget to look into every nook and cranny of the City, even if it seems unlikely. You don’t want to miss a hidden opportunity!

Life is full of coincidences. How else to explain waking up next to a beautiful woman wearing only sheets, combined with the fact that she just gave you a commission? How did you get here? And does it even matter? All you need to chew is the tragic story of this woman. It’s filled with love, romance, money, abuse – and it’s just like the ones you’ve heard before.
Choose the job and mystery you like! Hear people’s stories and get to know them better.

The faint scent of feminine perfume can still be felt on your stained old shirt. Will you accept her commission or resist those great mourning eyes? Remember that having kind intentions is one thing, and the stakes are high – people can offer really good money. If you agree, all you can do is start an investigation!
Solve the puzzles and watch all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

Some things should go unspoken. Corruption, murder, a gloomy prosthetic market – these are the foundations of this hideous city. Nevertheless, you are very much geared towards finding a suspect. You have to challenge them all – kings with vile intentions and vagrants who have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Interview and get the facts. This is the only way to know the truth!

You may be lured into traps! Find cover against the missile shooting and deftly run away from the bad guys. Fighting is inevitable, but you have to be smart. There are many enemies and there is simply not enough ammunition. You may start to doubt yourself – why did you take the assignment so conscientiously? Whatever, now you just have to end this.
Survive the gunfire and punish those who deserve it!

Let’s say you found out who the killer was. Now all you have to do is choose whether you want to display them and collect your salary or leave them. Is it worth messing with the most powerful people in the city? Will it satisfy the lust for blood or only make it worse?
Decide and live with the consequences (… or not?). Your choices affect the game!

It was just the beginning, and many more stories await you in the dark alleys of the City. Evolve from a wreckage to a true detective who knows the truth and can live with it. Walk around town, fight bad guys, romance beautiful ladies, meet dark relationships and decide if someone is worthy of your trust. Feel the vibe of this cyberpunk city that never sleeps.
And neither do you, until you solve its mysteries!


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Cyberpunk Detective Free Download Full Version PC Game – Cracked [CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX]
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