Company of Crime Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Company of Crime Download PC Full Game – Torrent

Company of Crime


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Company of Crime is a tactical strategy game with RPG control that allows you to take control of the London criminal underworld from the 1960s or take the side of the law and play the role of the main inspector of Scotland Yard.

Company of Crime is an extensive RPG strategy game in which players own their own criminal empire or on the other side of the barricade and take control of an elite squad of law enforcement officers. The production was developed by the independent Resistance Games studio and released by 1C Entertainment.

Company of Crime takes us on a journey to the restless London of the 1960s. Creators, producers, descend into the criminal underworld and gradually take control over it, taking care of the cover of our activities in the form of various legal “businesses”. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from playing the role of the chief London inspector by calling Scotland Yard (from the name of the street on which he will be commanded) and trying to thwart the ranks of criminals.

Besides, which side of the conflict we are on, Company of Crime is powered by turn-based missions, during which we observe from a bird’s eye view.

If we decided to conquer the London underworld, we will take control of gangsters, each of whom can boast individual skills (developed as you progress). With the help of these dark star products, we are expanding our sphere of influence, taking over both London pubs and clubs, as well as slightly less suspicious places like the clinic. If their owners don’t want to cooperate, you can find them to change their mind by force. Taking over locations is important as they greatly expand the range of possibilities, for example by supplying us with equipment.

As you can guess, not only my options for these types of places. When performing missions, we know how to take into account the fact that sooner or later those willing to fight an enemy gang will stand in our way. The most important thing in clashes is the right tactics; If you want to provide your units with various bonuses, it is worth taking care of their proper placement – if only to be able to flank enemies. Interestingly, our subordinates mainly use the test results during the skirmishes, the shooting could end up with the Dutch police, and not stick to the fight against lawlessness. After all, for the same reason, to take care of getting rid of what would in any way burden our “boys”. Between classes, we plan our stay on the move and recruit new members of our gang.

The game on the other side of the barricade looks a bit different. Control over policemen is triggered because of the necessary measures to react quickly to various reports and directions. This last place from us employs officers who venture into seedy places and cooperate with all kinds of informants. The icing on the cake is gold at the criminals’ pit, during which you will ensure the safety of the policemen and ensure it as much as possible.

Technical problems
Crime works on a downgrade of the Unreal Engine technology. The three-dimensional graphics of this production of the logo look great and reflect the atmosphere of the era, which is enhanced by the atmospheric soundtrack accompanying the game.


Company of Crime is a criminal empire builder offering turn-based tactical missions. This
takes place in the 1960s in London, the cultural capital of the world and home to many
subcultures and businesses. Your task is to build a company that will own it
the world of criminals, and if you play as the chief inspector of the famous Flying Squad Scotland Yard, destroy it piece by piece. As you walk, you’ll walk to pubs, clubs, vets, tailors, harbors and more, increasing your impact on the city. Your team consists of gang members with different skills required to perform criminal tasks or detectives who have mastered the art of investigating. Ultimately, the big question is who will occupy London?
Tactical, turn-based hand-to-hand combat
By focusing on hand-to-hand combat and tight spaces, Company of Crime stands out from other turn-based tactical strategy games. Units have a zone of control that makes them tied to the choices you make. Block enemy movements, build a numerical advantage and get flanking bonuses by attacking from behind. You can even throw enemies out of the sun to create safe passages to units that would otherwise receive free attacks. If someone grabs a gun, hide or follow them to rip them out before the bodies begin to build up.

Thermal mechanics
By doing your dirty business, it would be wise to make your way through the underworld. Loud shots or firing at enemies will only attract more resistance, and a criminal empire that blows up its cover won’t get far. Combating the effects of excessive heat is always harder than avoiding it, and if things get too hard you better have some kind of leverage to get the cops off your back.

Progress on the level
It’s more than just cops and thieves. Regardless of the mission, there is a level progression that goes beyond hit points and stamina. Beating a pub owner is one thing, but you can’t just get bail before the police arrive. First, you’ll need to gather any evidence that proves you were at the crime scene before you fly away.

Building a legal business using criminal means
Building a criminal empire requires legal protection. The game continues when you … um … you “convince” people to sell their businesses and homes for a bargain price, or at least turn a blind eye to what you do in the back room. Having more locations will unlock more items, features and items, but also potentially expose you to a surprise attack by the police or a rival crime family.

Not just your own story
Your mission is either to build a criminal empire or tear it down, but that’s not just your story. It is the history of London from the 1960s with touts, fashions, lemonades, rockers and every other cultural identity of the time. It is also the story of a failing empire. Britain shines in the cultural world during the Cold War, but faces increasing pressure from outside and inside. There is a mysterious order that is trying to destroy the British Empire from the shadows, and who better fights against it than the underground experts and the famous Flying Team.

Reactive police
The shady business takes place in secret, so the police play is more reactive. The phone only rings when there is violence, but it is not the best way to find evidence against the families of criminals. Assign sergeants to investigate shaded areas, talk to informants, and search for search warrants to raid dubious locations. Make sure they don’t burn the evidence before you manage to arrest them, otherwise they will be released as soon as they are admitted.



    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 7400
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 25 GB available space


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