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BIONICLE: Masks of Power is a fan-made open-world adventure set in the BIONICLE universe that relives the legend of the mighty Toa and their dangerous mission of collecting kanohi power masks, freeing the islanders of Mata Nui, and defeating the evil Makuta!

About this game

Disclaimer – This is an unofficial fan game produced and delivered 100% free in accordance with the rules and regulations provided by the LEGO Group.

BIONICLE: Masks of Power is a brand new open world adventure set in the BIONICLE universe. Currently being developed by the Kanohi Team, BIONICLE: Masks of Power re-tells the legendary stories of BIONICLE’s first launch in 2001. Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, Mata Nui and its people have been completely redesigned to be modern. Revisit beloved locations and characters, enjoy exciting open-world gameplay and get lost in the BIONICLE universe again.

Discover Mata Nui
The ancient tropical island of Mata Nui is home to beautiful vistas, mighty dangers and countless secrets. Once a peaceful paradise, the inhabitants of Mata Nui have been cast into the shadows by a dark spirit known only as the Makuta. Tribes of brave Matoran villagers struggle to survive, hoping for the arrival of legendary Toa heroes. Discover six different regions of the island, face its dangers and discover its secrets in this brand new open world adventure.

Challenge the Rahi
The dark spirit of Makuta cast its shadow over Mata Nui and its inhabitants. Terrifying Rahi beasts roam the lands, their masks infected with the Makuta’s influence. You must face these powerful guardians on your mission to obtain the masks of Kanohi power and defeat the Makuta.

Find the power
Play as each of the six Toa Heroes, prophesied warriors stranded ashore on the beaches of the island. Wielding great elemental power, each Toa must collect twelve masks of Kanohi power if they wish to challenge Makuuta. It’s up to you to help the Toa complete their mission, find hidden power masks, and cast off the Makuta’s shadow. The fate of Mata Nui is in your hands.


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