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BF 2042 | Battlefield 6

Battlefield 2042 is the first installment of the well-known series of shooters, which hit the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles. The title takes us into the near future and focuses on multiplayer gameplay.

Battlefield 2042 is the next installment of the best-selling FPS series, and at the same time the first one developed for the ninth generation consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. The title focuses on multiplayer gameplay. It was created by the EA DICE studio that oversees the series, while its release was handled by Electronic Arts, the company that owns the brand.

As the title suggests, Battlefield 2042 takes us on a journey into the not too distant future. The United States and Russia, standing on the brink of war, have for years been involved in conflicts intended, in a way, to replace them with open war on a large scale. The soldiers who take part in them are true specialists and their actions shape the future of the whole world.

In Battlefield 2042 we observe the action from the first person perspective (FPP). During the game, we play the roles of Specialists based on four classes characteristic of the series. Each type of soldier has a unique specialization and trait. The rest, i.e. the equipment taken to the battlefield, can be freely modified and adapted to individual preferences. And there is a lot to choose from – the authors provide us with an extensive arsenal, a wide range of combat gadgets, various vehicles, as well as numerous accessories, such as a hook with a rope, a wingsuit or a special combat robot.

The production provides us with seven extensive and varied maps. The fights take place, among others, in urban areas (Songdo, Doha), sandy desert (Egypt) and ice-bound Antarctica. Interestingly, this time the battlefields are constantly changing, both under the influence of hostilities and as a result of violent weather phenomena, including sandstorms and tornadoes.

Danger zone
The mainstay of Battlefield 2042 is the multiplayer mode in which up to 128 players can play simultaneously. The first place on the list of available gameplay variants is occupied by a completely new Danger Zone. Additionally, it includes updated Conquest and Breakthrough modes.

Battlefield 2042 allows for cross-platform gameplay. Thanks to this, players having fun on different devices face each other.

Battlefield 2042 is based on the latest version of Frostbite technology, thanks to which the graphics of this production are of the highest quality. The same can be said about the sound layer, which maintains the high level known from the previous installments of the cycle.

Game mode: single / multiplayer Multiplayer mode: Internet Number of players: 1-128

Readers ‘expectation: 6.5 / 10 based on 261 readers’ votes.



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