Atomicrops Torrent – PC Game

Atomicrops Torrent – PC Game


RePacked Game




Key Features

Key features
FARM. Grow mutated plants and reap a rich harvest to keep humanity ... and make big profits.

MARRY. Woo and marry a related spirit based in the city to fight and farm the land next to you.

KILL. Fight hunger, post-nuclear pests at night. Hunt and collect dangerous biomes for seeds and loot during the day. Turn your main ones into fertilizer to improve the quality of your crops.

UPDATE. Explore the farthest corners of biomes to get available relics of former farms. Discover rusty agricultural equipment, antique garden tools and plenty of garden guides to fill your power. Money performance in the city to improve weapons and skills. Improve your farmhouse permanently to get bonuses that must apply during the games.

MAKE A FRIEND OF Z. Save the pigs, buddies and cows to automate farming tasks. Cultivation of atoms is difficult access, you need all the help you can get. Adopt various strange cats to live in a farmhouse.

COMPETE. Go through harder years to unlock point multipliers and secure your place among the best farmers' leaders.

Modern city life has let you down? You just inherited your deceased uncle's farm. Time to pack your bags and start with a new one in a quiet area. What could go wrong? It's a nuclear apocalypse. Now you're in hell in the wilderness, defending your last living livelihood - your crops. And every mutant wants a piece. Do like any self-respecting farmer: Farm. Marry. Kill.

Atomicrops is a simulator of a roguelite farm. Armed with a hoe, a watering bucket and a simple peashooter, you need to grow mutated plants - atomic - by feeding the local city ... and get a good profit. Defend your land against mutated pests and bandits that attack every night by destroying your fields. The court and the wedding of the townspeople to fight and farm at the side. Collect upgrades and save trapped farm animals to increase performance, profits and power. Expand your country house to gain access to in-game bonuses to secure your place in the leaderboards.

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