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When the harshness of the sea meets the cruelty of war, there is the challenge of persevering. And it is like no other. Welcome to Aircraft Carrier Survival, a simulator set in the merciless realities of World War II, where your command skills determine the fate of a sea juggernaut

About this game


Take control of an aircraft carrier, its crew, officers and planes during WWII. Give an example of military prowess by choosing the right equipment, crew, and escort for your mission. Remember that your success will largely depend on your flexibility in managing the available fleet resources.

Assign a crew and choose what your officers should focus on. Your ship has many stations to man, and proper management will be key to your plan, whether by engaging your enemy directly, sneaking past them, or taking an alternate route to avoid contact altogether.

Your damage control teams can deal with outbreaks of fires, torpedo strikes, hull flooding, enemy bombing, air strikes and suicide attacks from enemy aircraft, but not all at once. Assess what threats you must deal with first in order to survive.

Use maneuvers, planes, anti-aircraft turrets and anything else you can to survive the enemy attack. Make sure any enemy that dares to attack you lands in the depths of the Pacific.

Will you risk all your lives on the ship to save one in need? Are you able to make a decision on the spot? No matter what, some sacrifices will be necessary, and the only source of redemption is victory.

Use the data collected during reconnaissance missions to prepare pilots and planes for major operations. Aim at enemy land bases and even their entire fleets. Identify opponents before choosing attack directions and prioritizing targets and maneuvers.


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Download Aircraft Carrier Survival PC Game
Aircraft Carrier Survival Free Download Full Version PC Game – Cracked [CPY/SKIDROW/CODEX]
Aircraft Carrier Survival Torrent

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