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You wake up on the beach of a strange island, remembering nothing. Lonely and equipped with only the basic farming tools provided by the townspeople, you try to regain your memories. Complete quests and explore the island of Omoide to unfold your story.

About this game

Gifted by the mayor a small and empty plot of land, transform and manage the land as it blooms into your own unique farm. From growing plants, planting trees and flowers, and raising your own animals, you have the freedom to choose the life you want.


As your farm grows, you will surely harvest a lot of fruit and vegetables. Instead of selling your products whole, why not keep some of the fresh ingredients to yourself? There are many recipes that can be discovered on the island. Tip: Remember to restore your stamina by preparing food to take with you on long and busy days!


Go to the mines on an adventure and discover a network of secret caves. You may come across valuable gems and ores that you can use to upgrade and upgrade your tools. If you dare to visit deeper mines, you can discover rare resources. What treasures will you bring home?


Some days are dedicated to hard work, while others require a bit of free time. What better way to relax than to take your beloved pet on a fishing trip? Omoide Island has many water sources from which different fish come from, so feel free to explore and catch them all! Don’t forget to constantly upgrade your fishing rod to catch bigger and rarer fish.


You don’t have to be isolated on your farm, you can chat freely and make friends with the townspeople. You may have items to trade with townspeople, or you may just want to visit them. Each inhabitant of the island has a unique personality and history – it’s up to you to learn everything about them!

By completing side quests for neighbors, you can get a better buy and sell price or unlock special rewards. Friendship can even turn into a romance when you least expect it.


Omoide Islanders will need help from time to time. If someone is in need, you can view their request on the city’s notice board or you can get the letter directly. Don’t worry if you are busy with another task as side quests and missions are optional.

Currently, there are two types of quests: main quest related directly to your character’s story and optional side quests. The former will guide your character to discover forgotten memories and answer the question: what happened before arriving on the island? These last quests will allow you to improve your relationships and unlock unique items that cannot be created otherwise.

What is life without a furry companion by your side? Pets are and will always be your most loyal companions. Explore the island of Omoide together, give them endless pets and have fun until sunset. Your pet, in addition to keeping company, can also help with breeding responsibilities.

Pets currently available:


In addition to planting and managing crops, you can also raise livestock. Take care of your lovely neighbors by feeding, grooming, cleaning and – of course – lots of petting! Your pets love to be showered with affection, and in return, they bring many important resources such as milk, eggs, wool, and feathers.

If you have animals of different sexes in the same barn or hen house, they may even create their own family.

Character customization

If you ever feel the need to upgrade your look, spice it up by changing your wardrobe or your hair. You have full customization of your character by changing hairstyles, eye and skin color, and clothes. Are you looking for a new outfit? Various clothes can be found all over the island of Omoide!

Personalization of the house and base

Your home is a place where you rest and relax after a long day of work. Upgrade your space to have everything from a larger interior to new and decorative furniture. Take it a step further and customize your farm with full control of barn placement, chicken coops, fences and more!


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